Top 10 Best Homework Assignment Books

It is very important to always have great homework books available for our kids. We all in some point of our life had needed a good homework assignment book, and maybe we didn’t know which one to get, well that won’t be a problem anymore, here we are going to mention the top 10 best homework books.

10 Student Homework Assignment Books

1. The Homework.

It is a book by Alfie Kohn. This is an excellent homework book, one of the best. It was published on August, 21st 2006. Kohn is trying to explain trough this book how the need for homework is mostly a myth and show some stories that prove that a great education can be done without homework. This book focus to help our kids to take back the love for learning, to encourage them to learn new things and to do it with passion and no exactly with the need for huge amount of homework assignments.

2. The case against homework by Nancy Kalish and Sara Bennet.

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It is an amazing book. It was published on August, 28th 2007. Sara Bennet and Nancy Kalish tried to prove with this book that there is no need for too many homework assignments. Why send 50 math problems instead of 5? Would it make our kids more interested in math by resolving 50 problems or by resolving 5? Our kids spend so many hours doing endless homework assignments, and in most cases, teachers don’t look at all of it. Even tho some critics said that Sara Bennet and Nancy Kalish only consider one side of the coin in this book.

3. Rethinking Homework by Cathy Vatterott.

Such a great book. It was published on September, 9th 2001. Cathy’s main point of view is the debate of homework is good for our kids or not. This book tries to help to understand why homework has to be seen as a tool to help our kids to learn and not as the main education way. Homework sometimes can take away so much time from our kids which could be spent on the development of other skills such as sports, arts, etc.

4. The end of homework.

This book was published on August, 1st 2001. It was written by John Buell and Etta Kralovec. They are educators and with this book they tried to show maybe homework is not good for our kids. Trying to show that too much homework just makes teachers and students rivals instead of being allies. Because after a marathon of homework either the students don’t want to it and the teacher doesn’t want to check it.

5. The battle over homework.

This book was written by Harris Copper. It was published on September, 7th 1994. Harris Copper proved with this book statistics of how much homework can be good for the kids and the impact it has, and in what point it can be motivating in the learning of our kids. It also shows value information for the parents to not overcome the kids.

6. Maths for Mums and Dads: Take the pain out of maths homework by Rob Eastaway and Mike Askew.

It is a perfect math homework book. It was published on January, 7th 2010. This book its an excellent summary of children learn math these days. This book is very entertaining for our kids and along the way learn math in a great way.

7. Closing the Book on Homework: Enhancing public education and freeing family time by John Buell.

This is another John Buell book, published in 2004. With this book, John continued his mission in a waking call to educators, parents that homework has to be a tool for teachers not to overwhelm children.

8. Everything you need to know about Math Homework by Anne Zeman and Kate Kelly.

This book was published in 1994. This book is amazing, it covers so many objectives of math and it has been used due to its easily understanding and practical exercises.

9. Homework Made Simple: Tips, tools, and solutions for stress-free homework by Ann Dolin.

This is a more recent book, it was published in 2010. The focus of this book is to help parents with very useful tips and tools on how to help our kids with homework.

10. Homework without tears by Lee Canter and Lee Hausner.

It is one of the oldest homework books, it was published in 1987. Lee Canter and Lee Hausner teach in this book how to help our kids in their learning process and give us very good information on how to create the perfect environment for them.